The North East Digital Innovation Festival (or NEDIF) is festival that is run concurrently with the Victorian Digital Innovation Festival. This year the festival runs from 23rd August to 6th Stempber. 

The festival, which is the 3rd annual festival, will explore and celebrate Digital Innovation by bringing together together ideas, people, and technology. It will provide an opportunity to engage and network with industry experts to identify opportunities for innovation in the workplace.

Come hear from experts, make some connections, and start innovating in your business.

Major NEDIF festival events include:

4th Sept AWISE Innovation EXPO About Public Event
4th Sept AWISE Innovation Summit About Book @ TheHUB
4th Sept WiseUP YouthSummit About Book @ TheHUB

Thanks to financial support from the Victorian Government under their Digital Innovation Festival and our Supporting Partners NEDIF is being hosted at no cost to attendees with individual events running as no cost or low cost.

For a list of other events that are running as part of the DIFVic program in North East Victoria please visit here