Co-working Think Tank

Hosted by Taylor Tran, the NEDIF Co-working Think Tank provides an opportunity to discuss innovation through co-working in the region.

A panel of local representatives will be brought together to discuss:

  • What is Digital Innovation and how it can help our region?
  • What is Coworking and what are the latest trends across Victoria, Australia and the World?
  • What does the future of work look like and how this will play out in the Regional / Metro context.
  • What opportunities will this present for our region?

taylorTaylor Tran is an author, strategist and tech entrepreneur with 20 years global experience in technology and services. He is also a thought-leader and speaker within the coworking industry. Taylor teaches at RMIT University and Mentors startups with the Founder Institute of Silicon Valley and several start-ups, including blockchain, robots, environmental, big data and services start-ups.

Taylor is passionate about building entrepreneurship ecosystems and designing pathways for connecting to start-ups, coworking spaces and accelerators. Following his recent book, INNOVATION MELBOURNE and upcoming book INNOVATION COWORKING, Taylor has played a major role in advising government on building smart city and startup strategies and is currently involved in a number of key ecosystem initiatives. This includes travels abroad to research best practices and running tech hackathons to activate innovation and collaborations.